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Who I Am

My Support Service


My 20 years of experience working theraputically with children and young people enables me to offer effective, individualised service of well being and care. I offer counselling and parenting support for a variety of needs and provide a service in the home or at my private practice in Barnet.   

Therapeutic Focus


My therapy helps children and young people to  understand some of the challenges they are facing.  Together, we can improve the child's self-confidence and emotional wellbeing.  Early intervention can prevent issues escalating.  

These issues could include:

  • Anxiety and depression.
  • Anger.
  • Difficulty making friends.
  • Grief and Loss - through separation, divorce or bereavement.
  • Life events - changing schools, exams, moving home, arrival of a new sibling and many more day-to-day challenges children face

What I offer


I also provide support in the family home with routines, and play activities to support your child's social and emotional development. 

My Therapy

Parenting Support


From new born to young adults 

I run workshops for or support in your family home. 

First Time Parents - Under 1 

Early Years - Under 5

Primary Years 5-11

Secondary 12-17 

Empty nest 17+

Therapeutic Play



Children often express their experiences and knowledge of their world around them through play.  It can be their communication to inform others how they feel. I provide a resource-filled room of materials for your child to discover, to tell their stories and share their feelings.  Allowing children to explore and communicate with materials that are natural to their play, produces highly effective outcomes. 

Education Services



I have over 20 year's experience of working with schools, children's centres and health professionals. I provide support to schools, parents, young adults and children to assist with mental wellbeing. I provide 

one-to-one or small groups packages to build self-esteem and confidence, by equipping children with strategies to better cope with school and everyday life. My style of therapy supports children and young people to explore their thoughts and feelings, express themselves, and make sense of the world around them.

How much does it cost?

Please feel free to contact me about costs-it is important to tailor make sessions to your particular child and family.

Whats Next?

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Contact me

The first step is for the parent/guardian to contact me and to have a chat about what is going on for the child or young person. This is a chance for us to chat about your worries and how counselling or parent support might help. 

This will enable me to provide you with a bespoke treatment plan for your child. The first few sessions are 'getting to know' your child. Sessions would usually be once a week. Or you the parent may have sessions with me, so I can provide you with parenting strategies.

Claire Jakobsson - Child Therapeutic Arts

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